exhibition of the heart

by Paige Stanley

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released October 28, 2013

music by paige stanley
track 10 features cameron crowley, aka crownley (crownley.bandcamp.com)

art by jijo @irllink




Paige Stanley Houston, Texas

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Track Name: a sad song about relationships
do you remember you and me
i remember what we used to be

all my life I've been looking for someone like you
all this time there was something that I never knew
now I will spend my whole entire life alone
because I can't live without you, and that's something that I never let you know
Track Name: タイムトラベル (false self-portrait)
if i could go back in time and reverse all the mistakes i made
and all the regrets i have and change the course of my life to
potentially still include you and all the happy times we had
i probably wouldnt do it honestly

if i could go back and say
all the things that i wanted to say
would things be more ok
or would we end up the same way
i dont think that i would change
a single thing that i've wanted to change
i mean granted i want you back
but i wouldn't say that you're something i lack

and all my life i was looking for someone like you
all this time i pretended that i never knew
but now i will spend the rest of my life alone
because i cant live with anyone
and that's something that i've come to terms with

you know i love you more than anything
you're someone near and dear to me
and im sorry that i've hurt you
that's just my problem i dont know how to function and im terrible excuse for a properly functioning human being
Track Name: rooms (featuring crownley)
lathed seed
in your nocturnal departure i found comfort in fine lines
thorn and petal their crest and day
take time
let the gossamer guide you along the way,
assortments of you from blood to red
relaying to the earth below

gypsum 'round your eyes reverses time,
like blood up from the snow
is it too late to go

with mjolnir strength you arrive in here
a shattered heart left in tow
(i'm coming round, i'm coming round now)
a window through to the outside world
torn like blood on snow
(i'm coming round, i'm coming round now)

jasmine round my eyes reveals me twice
like luck hid from the cold
is it to late to go
Track Name: a small and quiet finale
your eyes
like emerald seas and memories
your voice
like softened days and cyan breeze
your light
like clouded glass of heavens past
but nothing this good ever lasts

floating out into the sea
nothing but the ocean breeze
one last thing before I leave
you were everything to me

I love you
Track Name: voices in my head as a source of comfort
you know I'll never leave you
I couldn't if I tried
your spirit controls my mind

but you're all I've got on the lonely nights
you're the only friend I have
and I can hear you repeat my name
you're the proof that I'm insane
I'm a lonely dysfunctional loser
I'm an aneruotypical loser
and a ghost is my only friend

nobody will ever believe me
but do I want them to?
nobody can take you away from me